DIY Faux Fireplace & Mantle

A day like today makes you want to snuggle up by a fire. Although my latest project cannot provide a warm fire, it does provide a comfortable, homely feeling to an otherwise cold, uninteresting wall. Sometimes it’s not about function, it’s about aesthetics!

There is not very much space between the end of our bed and the wall in front of it where our TV is mounted. I originally had an old piece of furniture in this space that held baskets, but it was definitely too wide for the walkway. It did such a great job hiding a lot of our junk that this piece of furniture stayed in this space much longer than I had intended. Besides being too wide, it wasn’t the most attractive piece of furniture in our house 🙂

I had a vision of exactly what I wanted in this space, so Mike and I got to work!

The biggest obstacle throughout this project was finding the perfect mantle to fit the space! We didn’t want it to take over the entire wall, and it needed to be very narrow. My husband actually found this mantle on a site called Let It Go.

I had to rework my plan a little, as my original plan included placing the mantle flush to the wall. I completely forgot about the plugs and cable cords directly behind where I wanted to put the mantle.

To accommodate for this, we built a frame using 2×4’s and L brackets to mount the mantle to the wall and provide enough space behind the mantle for the cords to function properly.

Painting this mantle truly hurt my rustic, farmhouse loving heart! The wood was absolutely beautiful, BUT it was not right for the overall look of our master bedroom. So I painted it (knowing good and well that I can strip this paint away if I want it back to its original beauty!)

After priming and painting the boards and mantle, I distressed areas to create an antique look. Then, I added a piece of plywood to the opening of the mantle.

I covered the plywood with NuWallpaper Brewster Brick White Peel And Stick Wallpaper. If you haven’t heard of this wallpaper, you are truly missing out!! After cutting the wallpaper to the correct size, the application process was beyond easy!

Obviously Sadie was excited about the new addition also!

Last, but definitely not least, I caulked.

I caulked around the wallpaper to make it appear to be real brick.

I caulked cracks in the mantle that gave off an old vibe rather than a rustic vibe.

Finally, with a few decorative additions, I couldn’t be happier with how our new master bedroom fireplace turned out!


I hope this sparks a little inspiration for you! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “DIY Faux Fireplace & Mantle

  1. im confused on how you attached it to the wall… did the bracket go behind the plywood piece or did you put the wallpaper over the bracket? i love this and its exactly what ive been looking for!!!

    1. Leslie, We attached the mantle to the wall by drilling the brackets into the mantle and then into the wall. We attached the plywood to the mantle by drilling it into the mantle directly. I would recommend applying the wallpaper to the plywood before you attach it to the mantle. I hope this helps! Morgan

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