Spice Cabinet Organization (with printable labels)

After a courageous attempt at controlling my spice cabinet (organizing and reorganizing), I had pretty much lost hope in organizing this never-ending battle.  To continue with my ‘12 Months to Organize Your House’, the kitchen was my next task! So, I set my mind to solving this problem: figuring out how to organize my spice cabinet!

I found Magnetic Tin Bins from the Container Store which were the perfect solution! World Market has something very similar in a set of 12: Silver Magnetic Spice Storage Tin.

These tins are made to attach to the side of your refrigerator, or there are Magnetic Strips made specifically for the tins that attach easily to the wall.

I had something a little different in mind though. After some searching, I found a Frameless Magnet Board that was exactly what I had envisioned.

If you have a larger kitchen, Pottery Barn also has a sale going on right now for their Stainless Steel Magnetic Backsplash, which is 36×14 (a much larger version of what I got, but absolutely beautiful!) This would provide the perfect work space for a master chef! It would allow enough space for a number of rows of spices, and you could also attach a magnet to the back of your most used utensils and attach them to the other side.

I designed printable labels for all sorts of herbs, spices, salts and peppers. They are broken down into 3 printable sheets of 1 ½ inch round labels designed on them. Download and print for free!

Spice Label Printable 1       Spice Label Printable 2       Spice Label Printable 3

I formatted the labels to fit the Avery 8293 1 ½ Diameter Circle Labels, although it can be difficult to line the design up with the labels perfectly.

Honestly, I think using cardstock looks better! I printed the labels on cardstock and used a 1 ½ punch to cut the circles out. Cardstock is much less expensive and can be removed much more easily if you change the spice inside the tin.

Then, I attached the cardstock labels to the tins using Foam Adhesive Circles.

What a difference this small project made!

This project has made my spices easy to find and has created a decorative piece for my kitchen! So download the labels and get started!

Happy Organizing!!

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